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[IPk] No Delivery alarm - 512 paradigm

I'm wondering if someone can help. the last twice that i have changed my set I
 have had a NO DELIVERY alarm on the next food bolus. I normally change it
my evening meal and then bolus for my food. The last 2 times it has alarmed
after 3 units. The first time it happened i disconnected and primed - it was
fine so assumed it was the cannulae so changed the cannulae and after that all
was well. Tonight when it happened i disconnected primed (it was okay) and then
 rebolused what was left of the bolus. It didn't alarm but it was only 2 units
it might not have. I unhooked after the bolus and could see lots of insulin
 around the hole it comes out of (much more than usual ) so i assume it didn't
in. I then took the cannulae out of my stomach reconnected it and primed to see
if there was a blockage. The insulin came out fine. I decided at that point to
phone minimed (the 1st time since pumping started 6 weeks ago). She thinks that
it might be hitting something in my stomach. I am using the 6mm as the 9mm were
a bt uncomfortable when i tried them. She suggested i try a new set from a new
 box (but mine are all from the same lot number anyway ). I was just wondering
anyone has had this problem or if anyone has any idea what it could be. Do you
think it might be worth giving silohettes a go? 
 I get quite frigthened when the alarm starts going and i also having no idea
much insulin has gone in. I am starting to loose my confidence with the pump as
this has happened the last twice now.
any advice would be appreciated
Sara davies
Pumping 6 weeks 512 / quicksets 6mm / humalog / infusion site - stomach
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