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RE: [IPk] Where can I get supplies out of hours?

I also use a 712 and live in hertfordshire. pm me if you want for details


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  Subject:  [IPk] Where can I get supplies out of hours?
  Date:  Sat, 8 Jul 2006 11:48:30 EDT
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  >Does anyone know of a pharmacy in London where I can get some
  >  over the week end? I thought I had enough to go on holidays with
  but now I've
  >checked I only have 2.  I've phoned medetronic who advised me to
  >  customer services on Monday at 9:00, however I'm suposed to be
  flying at 8:00.
  >anyone have any ideas what I could do?  I have a minimed  Paradigm
  >All and any suggestions gratefully recieved.
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  >RE: [IPk] Re: New Pumper
  >Re: [IPk] Cozmo  vs Paradigm basal delivery
  >Re: [IPk] Any info re Glucosamine??
  >Re:  [IPk] hELP - to Julie
  >[IPk] just when you think it's all working...
  >Re:  [IPk] just when you think it's all working...
  >RE: [IPk] just when you think  it's all working...
  >Re: [IPk] just when you think it's all  working...
  >Re: [IPk] Re: broken pump
  >[IPk] Re:Melissa
  >RE: [IPk] Re:  broken  pump
  >Date:  Fri, 7 Jul 2006 12:32:19 +0100
  >From: "steve baker"  <email @ redacted>
  >Subject: Re: [IPk] just when you think it's  all working...
  >Keeps us on our toes eh? My basal rates were all sorted  and then
  about two
  >or three weeks ago I had to put .2 of a unit on to every  hour and
  >my I/C ratios. It worked very well but I have not had to  take very
  much off
  >my rates since then. At the moment it's all going really  well. I
  had an
  >Hba1c of 7% last week, my best ever. 10.6% on MDI was normal  with
  loads of
  >hypos and feeling ill.
  >On 7/7/06, Elizabeth O'Shea  <email @ redacted>
  > >
  > > It doesn't.  Yesterday my body decided to start going low after
  8am. I
  > > thought the  hypo happened because of a silly insulin decision at
  > >  breakfast.
  > > But today I realised that no, it wasn't the decision, it  was my
  body, when
  > > the same thing happened today at the same time. And  I'm feeling
  > > whacked by it.
  > >
  > > It's quite  frustrating because I got my overnight BGs nicely
  sorted about
  > >  3
  > > weeks ago, and I can now have confidence that I'll wake up with
  a  BG
  > > between
  > > 4 and 6. Lovely! So something else has to go  haywire instead...
  > >
  > > I suspect that the latest development has  something to do with
  > > intricacies of my menstrual cycle. On the  bright side, this
  > > annoyance
  > > has convinced me to  download my meter this weekend and see if I
  can see
  > > any
  > > sort  of pattern amongst the peaks and troughs.
  > >
  > > elizabeth
  > >  .
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  >Date:  Fri, 7 Jul 2006 19:28:33 +0100
  >From: "Jackie Jacombs"  <email @ redacted>
  >Subject: RE: [IPk] Re: broken  pump
  >Sorry to hear about the pump disaster.  I  dont think that you will
  be able to
  >replace it with a different pump unless  your hospital think this is
  >I assume that the insurance  will pay for a new Disetronic pump but
  >going to fork out for a  much more expensive one.  Plus if the spare
  >pump is part of  the two pump system the hospital might want the
  spare pump
  >returned as its  part of a package.  The insurance company might say
  >otherwise people may "accidentally on purpose" damage a pump
  so  that they can
  >get a newer better model.  I know that this isn't the  case with
  Paul.  You
  >ask your insurers how the cover  works.
  >Hopefully someone else has more experience of this and can give  you
  a better
  >I must admit I have never thought to ask what  would happen if
  >to Sasha's pump.  We have it  covered under our insurance.
  > >
  > > Hi  Everyone
  > >  Started pumping this week everything going ok so  far.
  > > Paul returned from his trip yesterday and had had a great  time!
  > > Unfortunately his pump didnt and it seems he fell off
  the  mountain bike and
  > > then i dont know what happened, but his screen looks  like its
  leaked ink
  > > the D-tron plus will not do anything. Luckily  he had a spare
  pump which was
  > > all set up so he could carry on  pumping.
  > > If the pump is a right off, could we choose a different pump  to
  replace it?
  > > Does anyone know.
  > > Karen
  > >
  > >  contact: _HELP@insulin-pumpers.org_
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