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[IPk] Cozmo vs Paradigm basal delivery

 I have the Cozmo and have 0.05u/hr at 3pm and 4pm. It delivers a dose every 3
minutes (I know from listening to its little hmm noise), so it MUST be as
accurate as 0.05/20 = 0.0025 units per delivery dose. Unless it sometimes does
empty microdelivery doses?


> There is a difference between the Cozmo and the Paradigm that might 
> have led you to think that the Cozmo offers smaller basal dose 
> increments. The motor of the Cozmo splits the total amount per hour 
> into 20 microdoses (one every 3 mins.). The Paradigm motor delivers 
> 0.05 u. per microdose, frequency dependent on the dose per hour.
> Example:
> 1) Cozmo pump delivering 0.75 u per hour: 20 microdoses (= 1 every 
> 3 min.) of 0.37 or .038 (actual maths 0.375 - but pump not geared 
> to deliver that as far as I know)
> Melissa

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