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Re: [IPk] Re: broken pump

Hi Jackie,
Its good that Sasha isn't bothered about her dad going with her, Paul is 
more like beckie he is really bothered what people think if he hadn't have 
been we would almost certainly have gone.
 We had a meeting with school before he went and told them all the extra 
things that go with a child on a pump (at that stage I had told Paul he 
probably wouldn't go) but they were so enthusiastic and nothing was a 
problem that I changed my mind and said he could go. A few days later school 
rang and wanted me to go in as they had changed their minds and now didn't 
want him to go. I was really upset about it, their compromise that one of us 
to go with him and stay in the nearby village and paul to sleep with us 
overnight. I knew this would be no good for paul. After alot of discussion 
between us DSN and teachers involved it was decided to let Paul go. They 
have taken away diabetic children before but were not aware of ketoacidosis 
would you believe!! We wrote an A4 sheet of guidelines for them and they 
were told to ring us every night so we could discuss things that had 
happened. Apart from a couple of dodgy moments (thank goodness he had a 2nd 
pump) everything went ok.
He learnt a great lesson in life that he can cope with the pump on his own 
and we also learnt the same lesson. I have promised Darrell I won't be half 
as bad next time he goes away!
Paul also goes to a big school (8 forms in year 7) he was chosen to 
represent school in an inter school athletics day the other week. I assigned 
a teacher to watch him and look after his pump whilst he competed. He took 
part in 100mtrs, relay and high jump. Paul said it was quite funny cos his 
sports teacher ran faster than him to the finish line so he could reconnect 
when he finished the race. He got two 2nd place and a 1st place!
When he went on the rollar coaster last year at the theme park he kept his 
pump deep in his pocket and stayed connected. Not sure if we were right in 
letting him do that!
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Sent: Saturday, July 08, 2006 12:41 AM
Subject: RE: [IPk] Re: broken pump
> Hi Karen
> I didn't realise that you didn't already have the accu chek spirit pump. 
> For
> some reason I thought that this was the pump that Paul had.  In that case, 
> it
> might be possible to change.  I thought that maybe you wanted a different
> manufactures pump.  It's certainly worth asking.  After all if they have 
> to
> replace your pump it may not matter to them which pump you choose if they 
> make
> them.
> Sasha's school has "Activities Week" next week. All the school's years 
> have the
> chance to go off on various days to do ice skating, swimming at a big 
> leisure
> center, high rope climbing, fencing, cinema, Drayton Manor Park etc, etc. 
> Year
> 8 can go off to camp.
> We were going to let Sasha go with the school and we weren't going to go 
> along
> to any of these days away.  However we have had a few problems with the 
> school
> and there are so many teachers who dont know her because they haven't 
> taught
> her, or know nothing about diabetes that we have changed our minds and 
> Terry is
> going to follow the coach to these events. In spite of the fact we have 
> been to
> see the school and gave them reams of information and short A4 summary 
> sheets
> etc etc, Sasha regularly gets little problems at school because most of 
> the
> teacher dont know she has diabetes and wouldn't know what to do if there 
> was a
> problem.  Even when Sasha has tried to explain she has been shouted at or 
> her
> requests have been ignored.  We have been to the school several times and
> Sasha's form tutor sorts things out, but its a large school and short of 
> Sasha
> wearing a large notice in red saying she has diabetes, there is not a lot 
> else
> we can do.  The teachers who take the children on the trips are not 
> necessarily
> teachers that she has ever met before and she also won't be with children 
> who
> she knows on at least three of the events.  Sasha always seems to choose 
> the
> most adventurous things and so will be away all day with people who dont 
> know
> her and probably haven't a clue about diabetes let alone deal with a pump
> problem.  We have tried to find out who will be taking the kids away but 
> often
> its not known until late on which teacher will be in charge of which trip. 
> With
> the senior school you just cant go in and have a chat to a form teacher 
> like
> you
> could with the junior school.  All this week we have been asking for info 
> but
> still nothing is certain and a couple of things have been changed at short
> notice.  I am not confident that if there was a problem that Sasha would
> actually tell the teacher or if the teacher would actually realise the
> seriousness of the problem.  The trouble is that Sasha always looks so 
> well and
> fit that they find it hard to believe that things could quickly change.
> In the end Terry decided that he would follow the coach down to Swindon 
> Oasis
> swimming pool and Sasha can give him the pump to take care of rather than 
> leave
> it in a damp locker or drop it on the changing room floor. Then he was 
> going to
> drive back after returning the pump and leave Sasha to stay for the ice
> skating.
> However the ice skating rink has had a problem so that they are going to 
> do
> something else outdoors instead which involves getting very muddy!! So 
> Terry
> needs to be around to take care of the pump. Its no good asking the 
> teachers to
> carry everything.  Terry wasn't going to go to Drayton Manor Park but 
> Sasha
> wants to go on all the big rides and some may require the pump to be taken 
> off
> and you aren't allowed to carry bags on the rides and Sasha is worried 
> about
> her
> bag getting nicked and so she want Terry to go to carry her bags etc. 
> She's not
> bothered about having "her parent" hanging around as Terry will just 
> loiter at
> a
> suitable distance and then the kids can wander off.  If anyone has been to 
> any
> of these Theme Parks its just impossible for a teacher to be with the 
> whole
> group all the time. When Terry and I went last year with just three kids 
> we had
> a job to keep and eye on them the whole time and not to lose sight of them 
> even
> though they were supposed to be staying with us.
> Its very unfortunate that Terry has to go and he really doesnt want to, 
> but
> given the lack of understanding and the fact that as soon as Sasha is 
> having
> fun
> she forgets everything!  Sasha doesnt give two hoots about Terry being 
> there,
> because unusually Sasha is not bothered that much by what other people 
> think.
> How long this will last I dont know!  Beckie, her twin is the opposite and 
> much
> too concerned about what others think!!
> Fortunately two days of activities week are based at school.  Sasha is 
> doing
> several sports things and fencing and archery which could be interesting.
> Beckie is doing some "Health Farm" thing and "make up" stuff.
> Sasha cant yet to her own site insertions because the Sils are so long and 
> the
> shorter sets "Tenders"  wont fit the paradigm pump.  She cant use the 
> whanger
> device by herself at the moment.
> Jackie
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>> Sent: 07 July 2006 20:54
>> To: email @ redacted
>> Subject: Re: [IPk] Re: broken pump
>> Hi Jackie,
>> I was thinking that I might be able to get a accu-chek spirit for Paul it
>> has the muli and dual-wave bolus which i think it will help our 
>> occasional
>> high fat meal later at night (i always have to get up at 3am on those 
>> nights
>> to bolus as the d-tron only extends over 4 hours). I have just started on 
>> a
>> accu-chek spirit pump this week and love it. Paul thinks its cool, I 
>> think
>> thats because its smaller than his.
>> He had a great time on the school trip (although I was worried sick!)  We
>> just had one emergency phone call telling us his blood sugar had gone up 
>> to
>> 25 but he quickly reacted and changed his cannula and bolused 5units his 
>> BS
>> 3 hours later was 5mmol, unfortunatly nobody thought to let us know so we
>> spent the rest of the day worrying. His teacher woke him every night at 
>> 1am
>> (but we said only correct if over 12mmol)
>> I am really glad I let him go because he appears to have handled 
>> everything
>> well. His teacher said he had been really responsible.
>> Hope everythings ok with Sasha
>> Karen (Type 1 24 years pumping 3 days) Paul 12 years pumping 18 months
>> contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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