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Re: [IPk] just when you think it's all working...

I'm sure if you were in HR you would have died of forgetting to feed
yourself years ago.
I use the Roche pocket compass software. It is pretty basic and it could be
much better, but it will work out your bolus for you and it's very
configurable for health, exercise etc. I really feel much more relaxed at
mealtimes now where I used to go mad trying to work out I/C ratios while
Hypo and keeping my rapidly cooling dinner from being taken by the dog.
My palm pilot now goes everywhere with me and If I can't make a reasonable
estimate of carbs I tend not to eat the mystery food.

On 7/7/06, Elizabeth O'Shea <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Yes, it does keep us on our toes. But sometimes I would like to not have
> to
> think before I exercise/don't exercise/sleep/eat.
> I'm not really whining even though it sounds like I am. In some ways I do
> think having T1 diabetes makes you sharper. You have to be if you're going
> to survive and be healthy. If I were in human resources, I would have a
> bias
> toward hiring T1 diabetics (not that you'd know at the interview stage)
> because I know we have to deal with constant change, think on our feet,
> and
> do lots of juggling -- _all_ the time. Those are good characteristics in
> an
> employee!
> elizabeth
> .
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