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RE: [IPk] Re: New Pumper

We work out rice as 1 tablespoon of cooked rice is approx 10g carb,
seems to work ok for Alex.



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Dovid Pink wrote:
> Thanks for the response. When you say the scales have gone wrong, is
it that
> they were inaccurate or was it very obbious?
> I find the carb counting very difficult and hence I bought the scales
> suggested by the Dietitian at the Diabetes Clinic. I an issue the
> night when I took 10 tablespoons of white plain cooked rice. The guide
> the dietitian said it is 30g per 100g or 10g per tablespoon (35g). The
> weighed 180g and the scales said it would be 140g of Carb. Using the
> from the Dietician would say that 180/35=50g or 60g using the 30g per
> 100g. Since this was such a great difference, I was doubtful that the
> were correct.

I would guess your scales were assuming the rice was uncooked.  Cooked 
rice contains a lot of water, so the carb content per weight is lower. 
Your dietician's figures sound about right to me, but the amount of 
water in cooked rice is not constant, so you may be better off weighing 
it raw if you can.

	Eleanor Joslin

Type 1 dx 2002, Lantus/Novorapid
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