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[IPk] Cozmo vs Paradigm basal delivery WAS Adrian


There is a difference between the Cozmo and the Paradigm that might have led 
you to think that the Cozmo offers smaller basal dose increments. The motor 
of the Cozmo splits the total amount per hour into 20 microdoses (one every 
3 mins.). The Paradigm motor delivers 0.05 u. per microdose, frequency 
dependent on the dose per hour.

1) Cozmo pump delivering 0.75 u per hour: 20 microdoses (= 1 every 3 min.) 
of 0.37 or .038 (actual maths 0.375 - but pump not geared to deliver that as 
far as I know)

2) Paradigm pump delivering 0.75 u per hour: 15 microdoses of 0.05 u (=1 
every 4 mins.)

Thus there is a little difference between the delivery patterns of the 
Paradigm and the Cozmo. The closer you get to 1.0 u/hr, the less significant 
the differences between the Paradigm and the Cozmo or Animas pumps with 
regard to basal dose delivery frequency.

Is that at all helpful?

Type 1 13+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 2.5 years
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