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Re: [IPk] hELP

Hi Julie,

 Well, what a frank email. I often feel I am ruining my partner's life too, as I
have depression and a few other illnesses on top of the diabetes. I tell him I
should die so he can get a normal woman. He doesn't think so though.

 Sex drive is affected by many things and at age 49 you are likely to be
menopausal - that is probably one of the biggest factors in libido. A dry
vagina, low hormones, all would put you off sex. High sugars (11-13mM) make me
horny but higher than that and I am mega-depressed and definitely off sex. I
guess long-term diabetes with neuropathy and/or circulatory problems could cause
some effects in the genital region - not as obvious as erectile dysfunction, but
still a problem if it affects you and your relationship with your partner.

 I recommend seeing your doctor for a good chat to work out what is wrong, it
could just be you are feeling a bit down, or a bad experience put you off. If
you feel like you are ruining someone's life you might be depressed a bit and
that dampens down sex drive too.


> Age 49
> Type 1 48 years
> Pumping 6 months
> I have a partner who is very kind and understanding and devotes his 
> life to me but I feel I am ruining it.
> Just wondered if this is a diabetic thing or age thing or if anyone 
> else experiences it.  I know that diabetes effects males regarding 
> sex but does it effect females because I just have no sexual drive 
> at all and some times the thought of it well I cant put it words 
> how it makes me feel. (projectile vomit comes to mind)
> So is it because I am a diabetic I haven't always felt like this.
> Regards Julie

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