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Re: [IPk] Foreign Supplies


Have had foriegn products occassionally but never caused a problem and it is
usually only an occsional issue.

Does anybody out there have any difficulty in getting their prescriptions?
My last prescription took 3 weeks to fill, fortunately my pharmacist was
very helpful and dispensed insulin on the understanding that the GP was
being less than efficient.

With government legislation as it currently stands I can only hold 4 weeks
supply at home, my GP destroys scripts that are ordered early without any
notification and yet then goes on to take three weeks to correctly complete
a script.  I use the preprinted order form on the script to place my orders,
or a form that I keep on the computer with the exact descriptors used in the
BNF so I can not understand what the problem is.

If these supplies were insignificant then the tardiness would be acceptable
but this level of service could actually threaten my life, does anybody else
experience similar?


On 05/07/06, Stuart Chadwick <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just wondering if anyone else gets foreign supplies
> from there chemist?
> The last couple of times I have got supplies now I
> have had Drugs and testing supplies from other
> countries that have had typed English labels stuck
> over the front.
> While this isnt really a problem (hey I can now do
> Ketone readings in Spanish) I am sure for those that
> are newly diagnosed this could cause some confusion.
> The best part about it is if you decipher the foreign
> label the product was originally made in the UK
> anyway.
> Stuart.
> 27, Type 1 17years, MDI of Humalog and Lantus (But not
> much longer ;-)
> P.S. Whos going on Friday?
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