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RE: [IPk] Temp rates


Its very easy once you have done it a few times.  We often use a low temp basal
for Sasha if she has been active.  We usually set it for some many hours and
recheck a little later.  She tends to need the same level of basal from 12
midnight until around 5 :00 am when her needs increase.  So the changes usually
involve a temp basal from 12 until 5.00.  We use the temp basals a lot because
Sasha is a child and her life is rather erratic sports wise.  We also only have
three basal rates so things aren't too complicated.  We found we actually have
 better results with 3 basal rates that 4 or 5. We could see more easily whether
the problems were caused by bolus or basal rates mismatches.

Keep pressing for an Animas Pump.  You're worth it!


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> Hi Jackie and Terry
> Thanks very much for going to all that detail.  I understand these
> percentage temp changes on the Paradigm now.  It sounds quite a lot of work
> for one night though once you know what you are setting I would presume it
> can be set very quickly if your memory is good enough to remember it has to
> be set!!!!!
> June
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