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RE: [IPk] Temp rates

Hi Simon/Andrea

I find the setting the temp basals on the Paradigm slightly confusing.  Terry
usually sets these up if we only need a small increase or we have found that a
certain percentage increase is not making enough difference and its not obvious
what basal percentage is actually going to be delivered.  He has mention that
sometimes going into the screen and increasing the basal rate by , say 10% ,
 results in no change at all. He then checks the screen to see what the pump has
worked that out as.  Or he might have said that the there is no difference
 between choosing a temp basal of 120% or 125%. I may have misunderstood what he
said, as it didn't really make sense to me.  However, as  I am definitely
mathematically challenged, I just assumed it was something normal that I didn't
grasp.  I do see what you mean though about the increase or decrease.  Terry is
out on a long bike ride otherwise I would ask him to explain it properly

There are two way in which you can set up a temp basal either a percentage of
basal or an insulin rate.  You have to switch between one or the other.
Currently we find it easier to use the percentage as Sasha can quickly increase
or decrease by a percentage without having to calculate the actual basal amount
per hour.

I think that the amount must round down.  I believe that the Animas pump and
maybe the Cozmo have much smaller basal rate increments.

This is the user guide for the 512/712 the blurb about the temp basal rates is
show on pages 105 onwards on the PDF doc.


If I have explained this incorrect please will someone else who has this pump


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> Subject: [IPk] Temp rates
> Can someone please explain to me how the temp rate works on the Paradigm.
> On the Cozmo we can set a temp rate in increments of 5% of the original basal
 > rate eg 110% temp rate on a basal rate of 0.25 would give a temp basal rate
 > 0.275. The whole basal pattern would be increased by 10%. Does this not
> with the Paradigm?
> Ive been trying to explain to Sue how to achieve a tiny increase in basal.
 > Either Im not explaining myself very well or the Paradigm works differently
> the Cozmo!
> Thanks,
> Andrea, mam to Oliver 5 dxd Jun02 pumping Cozmo Aug05, partner to Simon
> .

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