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[IPk] Good news for coeliac treatment?

Forgive me posting slightly off-topic, but coeliac seems to be a very
diabetical subject... Is this old news, new news, or one those "miracle
cure for diabetes"-type tales that hits the press several times a year? As
it's in a medical journal, I'm guessing it is real news.

Quote from http://www.cellpress.com/ 03.07.2006:

Scientists have discovered what may be a successful non-dietary therapy
for celiac sprue, an inherited inflammatory disorder of the small
intestine that impacts an estimated 1 in 200 people around the world. Two
research studies, published in the June issue of Chemistry and Biology,
pave the way for clinical testing with an oral enzyme therapy that may
prevent the many symptoms and complications of this widespread disease.

"Non-dietary therapies that allow celiac patients to safely incorporate
low-to-moderate levels of gluten into their daily diet would be of
considerable benefit," explains study leader Dr. Chaitan Khosla, from
Stanford University and Celiac Sprue Research Foundation. "Having
demonstrated earlier that certain types of enzymes can detoxify gluten,
our laboratory set out to devise an optimal oral enzyme therapy for celiac
sprue by borrowing from nature. In germinating barley seed, gluten serves
as a nutritious storage protein that is efficiently digested by enzymes.
One enzyme, EP-B2, plays a crucial role in this process by breaking gluten
proteins after glutamine residues, which comprise one-third of all amino
acid residues in gluten."

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