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RE: [IPk] Channel 4 Documentry

Hi Melissa

> I didn't see the documentary, but yeah, Julian, you do have a point. A few 
> new studies on type 1 are focusing genetic predispostions to (and 
> protections from) complications.
> Something else that is emerging: HbA1c varies from person-to-person because 
> individuals glycate haemoglobin at varying rates even if their blood sugar 
> patterns are exactly the same. One person's HbA1c of 6.5 might reflect the 
> same blood sugar levels as another person whose A1c comes back at 7.2 simply 
> because the one who gets the 7.2 naturally glycates more haemoglobin. Some 
> of us would be at the upper-end of 'normal' (4.5-5.5 on most scales) or 
> would even have A1cs in the very low 'diabetic' range even if we were not 

> diabetic.

 I didnt know this before. Well hadnt even thought about it, I suppose. That's
very interesting.

 A variable baseline makes HbA1c 
> useful-but-not-necessarily-absolute-truth. We all want answers; saying that 
> an A1c of X or Y means this or that is comforting and gives us something to 
> cling to, even if it isn't strictly true.
> Diabetes: art, not science.
> Melissa

Jackie Mum of Sasha
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