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[IPn] IP house keeping

I've just returned from the Post Office where I was able to ship 30 
packages of supplies to our member-friends that are having some tough 
times. The cupboards at IP are now bare so if you have extra stuff 
sitting around that you know you will not use -- sets, wipes, whatever... 
you can send it to the IP office and help another pumper out. You get a 
nice tax deduction as well for the NEW value of supplies AS LONG AS
THEY ARE NOT EXPIRED!  Mail supplies to the office at the address below.

The Members Only area of the web site has a library of all member's 
profiles and current email addy. About 10-15% of members have also 
contributed a picture to the gallery of our "rogues", yes, mine is there 
as well as Lily's. You can add yours to the gallery by emailing a picture 
to me PRIVATELY at    email @ redacted    or by sending 
a snapshot by snail mail to the office at the address below.

The ABOUT page of the web site and the Over 24,900 club

   username: email @ redacted
   password:  pumper

are maintained by your voluntary input for data for the 
Insulin Pumpers Information Form

   username: email @ redacted
   password:  pumper

Listing is voluntary and anonymous except for the Over 24,900 Club (which 
you can opt out of while filling in the form).

Help generate valuable data and statistics for your fellow members and, 
more importantly, the industry that provide us with products to manage 
our diabetes. The Insulin Pumpers web site and forums has become one of 
the most valuable and frequently used sources of information for 
companies bringing new products to US!!! to help with diabetes 
management. Click the link above and fill out the form.... OR.... update 
your old one if it has been more than a year since you filled one out.

Your Employer:
Please check with your employer to see if they would be willing to make a 
donation to help support Insulin Pumpers as either a contributor or a 
sponsor. Even if they do not wish to contribute directly, many employers 
maintain a "Matching Gift" program that will double or triple your 
donation to Insulin Pumpers. Please check. Insulin Pumpers runs on 
"fumes" most of the time, our fuel tank is never full -- mostly close to 

New Sponsors:
Most of the Pump companies and a few others provide sponsor funds to help 
support Insulin Pumpers, though the majority of funds come from members. 
I'd like to try and expand the sponsor list so I'm asking you to write or 
call the METER COMPANIES for the meter you use. Some useful information 
for you (from the ABOUT PAGE).... Insulin Pumpers has served almost 
14,000 families since its inception (13,943 to be exact). This group of 
folks spends and average of $1,668 on test strips ($23 million a year). 
This is more than ANY OTHER ITEM except the pump itself, yet not a single 
meter manufacturer has seen fit to help support our efforts to keep this 
forum going. Your letters and phone calls are needed.

I don't have a list of the contacts for these meters, so if someone knows 
and email addy, phone number or address, please post it to the list and I 
will compile and distribute the results to you for an email/mail 
campaign.  What Pumpers use for meters:

Accu-Chek Complete 	12%
Advantage 	8%
BD Logic 	1%
Bayer Dex 	5%
Glucometer Elite 	6%
Lifescan FastTake 	7%
Lifescan One Touch Profile 	7%
Lifescan One Touch 	28%
MediSense Precision QID 	2%
MediSense Precision Xtra 	1%
Paradigm Link 	3%
TheraSense Freestyle 	7%
ThereSense Flash 	2%
Ultra Smart 	2%

Up Coming Pledge Drive:
August will bring with it the Summer Pledge Drive. I could use some help 
in writing the "boring" pledge messages that must be sent every day or so 
during the pledge drive. Writing is not my strong point. I must confess 
that I had to take dumbbell english twice when I attended UC Berkeley
doooohh.....  PLEASE give me a hand with this. I'd like you to tell the 
other members of the forum why Insulin Pumpers is valuable to YOU!
If you'd like to be part of a permanent "Pledge Help" group, let me know 
and I'll add you to that mail list to help me with ideas. If you'd rather 
not do that but have a good suggestion for pledge message text, just mail 
it to me privately and I'll use it in the next pledge drive.

     email @ redacted

That's all for now. My best regards,

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
558 Valley Way
Milpitas, CA 95035
Tel: 408 942-7300
fax: 408 942-7321
email @ redacted
For mail list removal write
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org