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RE: [IPk] Yet another diabetes disasterette

There must be something in the air at the moment......   With zero units
left I start to refill at my desk this morning.  Go to handbag for my
"supplies" bag.  No bag.  No insulin. No syringes.  No nothing.   I'm an
hour and a half from home and I really don't want to go home, I have
meetings scheduled and am nominally in charge of the office today, so am
in danger of looking pathetic.....and I really, really don't want to go
all day without insulin, the last time I tried that (on MDI) I was sick
as a parrot by 4pm, including throwing up on the Tube platform.   So off
down to Superdrug to attempt to blag a bottle of Humalog and some
syringes from the pharmacist.  Duty pharmacist doesn't know me from
Adam/eve.  Long phonecalls to someone somewhere who might be able to
authorise this as an emergency.  After fifteen minutes of sustained
blagging, SUCCESS although at a price!! 33 quid poorer but with a bg of
8.5.  I must try to master this refilling with air technique that John is
describing, it would have been much more convenient and cheap!  
Katharine   (Still haven't heard back from the "pancreas" section of


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