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[IPk] Yet another diabetes disasterette

Sigh. Yet another diabetes disasterette last night.

My wife had been away for 2 days, and I took our 2 young boys off for 
a picnic lunch and swim at our open-air swimming complex. Met up with 
various friends also with kids which was great. Disconnected pump, 
but my infusion set (Tender) fell off after a few hours in the pool. 
But I had a spare one in my handbag which saved the day. 5:30pm we 
decided to head into town and have a big group meal at a favourite 
pub. I have a few beers. As food arrives, I bolus: no delivery. OUT 
OF INSULIN. Sigh. And no spare insulin with me. I decide not to 
abandon the meal and cycle home with the boys. I do the emergency 
refill instead: disconnect the infusion set from my body, and from 
the cartridge - keeping them level so no insulin runs out. Pull back 
the plunger on the reservoir a few millimetres, screw tubing back 
onto reservoir, and prime a few units to take up tension, then I 
reconnect to my body and bolus for the meal. I'm now having the 
insulin in the tubing and pushing it through with air. All 
potentially dangerous, but it works.

Get home at 9:30pm by bike with our 2 boys in the bike trailer, and 
BG was 2.7. So at least I knew I was getting my insulin. My wife got 
home at 10pm, and we enjoyed a bottle of wine together. Hope we don't 
sound like an overly alcoholic family...

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