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Re: [IPk] From an article in Times Online about the new national guidelines for treating type 1 diabetes

On 29 Jul 2004 at 1:13, Raptor Man wrote:

> Hello - I have a friend whos 8 yr old is diabetic and
> Insulin depnedent. I am a pump user myself and I am
> tryng to persuade him to get her to change to pump
> therapy. Can I hear from parents of child pumpers - is
> it the right thing to do??

It has been the right thing for my daughter but I think 
it's important that the child chooses the pump themselves. 
Give them lots of information so they can make an informed 
decision and then leave it to them. Remember they may have 
to argue quite strongly for a pump (depending on their 
clinics attitude to pumps) and unless they want to buy one 
themselves, she will have to meet the criteria set down by 
NICE, http://www.nice.org.uk/page.aspx?o=58214

> Also - she has now had two epileptic fits in the last
> 6 months - the Doctors say it is unrelated to her
> diabetes but each time her BS is about 4 upon
> recovery........is it just a hypo???

It could have been either. My DD has had convulsions caused 
by hypo's twice. I would have thought they would assume 
that diabetes is the cause unless/until they have evidence 
to indicate epilepsy. Have any tests been carried out? 
Here's a page on the diagnosis of epilepsy, 

According to this page, 

"If epilepsy is suspected, a GP should refer the patient 
for an expert diagnosis by a hospital consultant before 
starting any treatment . In the case of a child, the 
appointment may be with a paediatrician or paediatric 

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