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Re: [IPk] New infusion set - Unomedical Inset

>The Inset is a new idea in infusion sets -- the inserter and 90-degree
>set are together in a single, sterile package.
>You can learn more about the Inset at:

 Forgive me being a hopeless cynic... but is this new infusion set available in
Europe or Britain? Are there plans to release it here? Or must we wait for the
American public to thoroughly test it, before it's withdrawn like the Quick-set
Plus was?

 I note that my Disetronic Tenders are made by Unomedical as well. Used to be
made by Maersk.

 Personally, I've never like straight-in infusion sets: the needle type hurt in
me (bit like having a drawing pin stuck in me) and the teflon-type give me a
no-delivery alarm if they slip a little (as they do from time to time).

Great list of infusion sets here, but this is for America, not Britain:

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