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[IPk] Letter from Consultant

I received a letter from Danielle's Consultant today acknowledging that the 
PCT are willing to fund the ongoing consumables for the pump but not to 
 reimburse the cost of the pump. However, this is on the condition that we
accept to
be transferred to a hospital that has knowledge of the pump rather than where 
we are now.  Basically, the hospital she is at now has been the hospital that 
has treated her diabetes since diagnosis but since I bought the pump, although 
they have been trained, they do not feel competent enough to treat her.  They 
have expressed this concern to the PCT so they have said that they will 
 consider funding the ongoing treatment by insulin pump therapy if I am prepared
take Danielle to Manchester.  I have agreed to this, but the ANNOYING THING 

The staff at the hospital did not give me any ideas that they were not 
 confident after they received training on the ward etc; I only found out this
the PCT's letter. The Consultant disapproved of the pump initially, so the PCT 
have taken that as the reason for not reimbursing the cost of the pump.  The 
Consultant changed his mind and said he approved, but that was too late in the 
PCT's opinion because I was the one who initiated the treatment.

I have received a letter from Danielle's Consultant today saying that he 
thinks that (wait for it)..................
Can you believe it?  He said it is because it would give all the benefits of 
the pump without the expense and potential dangers such as blockages in tube! 
(I want to put loads of exclamation marks but it is not correct is it?)  He 
 strongly recommends that glargine or lantus regime. I spoke to John Davis from
Input today about it and he told me that Lantus (Glargine) is almost doubling 
in cost per 1000 units and perhaps Consultants are not aware of this.

I wrote two letters today.  One to the Consultant telling him:-

"I am quite happy to attend St. Mary's Hospital in Manchester" and "Your 
'completely different alternative' is without a doubt definitely not an option 
either Danielle or myself would consider, especially Danielle herself.  If you 
care to speak to either David Kerr from Bournemouth or Peter Hammond from 
 Harrogate, these two Diabetes Consultants have said that they would never
suggest a
patient going back onto injections after being on a pump, unless they 
 requested so. The tube blockage you mentioned actually happened quite a few
years ago
before buffered insulin was available."

Then I wrote a letter to the PCT:-

"You stated that Dr Sackey 'felt that the same results in health gain could 
have been achieved using conventional methods.' With all respect, Dr Sackey is 
a Consultant who does not live with the diesease and as a parent with 
 experience o living with diabetes for over 30 years, I did not only feel that
 was no hope of achieving better control using the conventional methods, I knew
it was impossible for us to achieve.  I had done everything in my control 
 (including multiple daily injections) to achieve better heath for Danielle, and
yes, since going on the pump she has improved at school and gained the weight 
that she so desperately needed and couldn't achieve with injections."

Give me strength! (I should have written this at the bottom of the letters!)

Mum to Danielle, etc
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