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RE: [IPk] Back up team

Glad to hear it's all going so well. I don't know anything about the Derby
area, but I found the site stingy for the first few weeks on insulin by pump
(much worse than with saline). It used to particuarly sting just after
insertion and when bolusing. I don't know anything specific to help but for
me it did get better. Now it occasionally stings just after I've put a new
set in (30mins max) and the first time I bolus with a new set. I hope things
go in the same direction for Libby.
Best wishes,
DM 7y 508 7months

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HiSorry its taken this long to say thank you for the emails from other
parents, I  had been deleting them by mistake!!  Our 8 year old daughter
has now been on the pump for 2 weeks.  So far so good.  We have had 3
hypos (before it was 3 a day) and only 1 high of 20, Libby use to run
30plus for no reason!!!  Anyway most of it is going OK, we have found two
problems - 1 is the needle for the infusion site - anyone got any tips?
It stings and she is being sooo brave over it.  The other is general
advice.  Our hospital team haven't been trained with the pump yet (we
have the pump as we couldn't wait any more, Libby was just too unwell) we
had asked our nearest hospital, Nottingham, for a temp. referal - just to
chat and listen to their advice and they have refused her.  Thanks
Notts!!  We think the next nearest might be Sheffield so next week I am
going to try them.  If anyone out there knows of a team that would ju! st
chat to us it would be lovely to hear from you.  Prof Amiel at Kings in
london saw us last week and we think the support and advice she gave us
was priceless.  Being Derby based we really need someone a little
closer.  To anyone thinking about a pump - we have gone from having a
very stressed, tired sick looking little girl to having a  regular 8 year
old with more energy than her parents and who looks fantastic and is so
happy all you see are smiles.  We think its wonderful.Thanks again talk
to someone soon (I hope).Kayleigh


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