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Re: [IPk] Vitrectomy

Hi Mary
I had a vitrectomy to my right eye about 5 years ago. It was just before I 
went on the pump so I can't comment on that part of it. But I can tell you 
about the vitrectomy. 

I woke up one morning and couldn't see out of my eye because I'd had a massive 
bleed which hadn't cleared. I went to see my eye consultant and they ummed 
and ahhed for a bit and decided to do the vitrectomy as it hadn't cleared 
after a few days. They decided to go for a general anaesthetic because of the 
fact that I had DM and also because they wanted to do a huge bunch of laser 
treatment to both eyes at the same time, so they thought it would be better 
to knock me out. I was booked in the following day, as they said the sooner 
they did it the greater the chance of success. Now, they warned me that there 
was quite a high chance of failure (something like 20%) and that if it 
failed, I wouldn't regain sight in that eye. But since I couldn't see out of 
it anyway, I didn't have much choice. The decision was mine, though.

The operation itself took several hours, but I can't tell you much about that 
since I was asleep (obviously). When I came round my eye was all bandaged up 
and hurt quite a bit. it felt as if I had an eye full of grit as well (that 
was the stitches). I stayed in hospital for a couple of days and then they 
took the bandage off and I was allowed home. Basically I had to rest for a 
good week - even walking around hurt, and do did moving my eye, so I had to 
try and keep it focused in one place. It hurt for around a week and the 
gritty feeling was horrible. You could see the stitches in my eye if you 
looked closely, but they gradually dissolved by themselves after about 10 
days. Anyway, I think I took about 10 days off work and after that everything 
was back to normal.  My sight returned (well, to the extent that I had before 
the bleed), though it was a bit blurry for the first few days after the op.
Since then, everything has been great and I've not had any bleeds in that eye 
since.  If I had to go through it again on my other eye, I would do it with 
no hesitation. It all sounds a bit gory but it's not really that bad. I 
assume if you had local anaesthetic it would be much easier, because I always 
feel terrible for at least a week after having a general anaesthetic, and it 
messes up my BGs no end.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

On Tuesday 29 Jul 2003 8:46 pm, you wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I will be having a vitrectomy soon and went for my pre-op assessment today.
> There seemed to be a lot of confusion about staying on the pump during the
>  procedure. I'd been told it would be OK beforehand and I stuck to my guns!
> (OK, being in the profession might have helped, but I shouldn't have needed
> to use that...)  In the end I opted for the local anaesthetic option as
> that seemed to confer most benefits (pump rather than IV sliding scale, no
> need to stay in hospital overnight etc).
> I've had plenty of info about the surgery itself but it tends to have been
>  from a medic's rather than a patient's point of view. I'd really
> appreciate any comments or tips from anyone on the list, especially those
> who've stayed on the pump during surgery and those who've had a vitrectomy
> under general or local anaesthetic.
> Thanks,
> Mary
> 508 2 yrs +
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