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[IPk] Re:Various Notes

My experience with Easyjet only came about because they found my equipment 
at the Security Gate of Inverness airport. This was not a problem when I 
explained what it was for. The Security people told Easyjet who then 
approached me in the departure lounge to invite me to pre-board. In view of 
the usual scrum to board an Easyjet flight with no seat allocation, this was 
too good an opportunity to miss! My usual policy is to say nothing.
I usually fly with BA and as a member of the frequent flyer/executive Club, 
I have the fact that I am a diabetic using CSII recorded on their database 
along with seat preference etc.
I was once stopped at security at Atlanta airport - they spotted the pump 
which did not set off the alarm in the metal detector, but this just lead to 
what Melissa would call a "teachable moment" - the security guard was Type 1 
ID and wanted to know all about the pump. He was so inthralled by it that he 
went away to try and get one himself!
Talking of Melissa - can I also recommend her Expert Column on the Medscape 
site. Well worth a read for anyone interested in the treatment of diabetes. 
It is a great pity that I am over 30 - otherwise I would answer her ad! I 
can also report on behalf of us male pumpers that I have been asked the 
question "Where does your pump go in?" by curious females.

Ian Grant

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