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Re: [IPk] Vitrectomy

Hi Mary

I haven't ever had a vitrectomy, but I *have* had a lot of surgery, both on 
my ancient pump and on my current one (Minimed 507c). It may be peculiar to 
here, or perhaps it's peculiar to me (I tend to be rather pushy with my 
medicos), but I have never ever been asked to discontinue pumping for any 
surgeries or procedures. I talk about what anaesthetic will be given 
beforehand with the anaesthetist, the duration and trauma of the surgery 
with the surgeon and then take it from there. For example, if the surgery 
is going to last longer than an hour (as I would expect would be your 
situation), I turn my basal down to 50%, unless a dextrose IV is also being 
given during theatre and recovery time, where I leave it at normal rates. I 
also ask if theatre staff could please test me every 15minutes - but please 
do NOT adjust my pump. I usually expect BGs to go up a bit during surgery, 
but they soon return to more acceptable levels once I am out of recovery.

In the past I have also asked my endocrinologist for his input prior to 
surgery, but I've found that my own judgement is often far better than his, 
so I no longer do that. Most surgeons I've dealt with have been more than 
happy to leave the diabetic side of things to me so that they can 
concentrate on their side.

Hope that's of some use to you.

(dm 34years, ancient pump 1978-1995; MM507C 2001->)

At 05:46 AM 30/07/2003, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I will be having a vitrectomy soon and went for my pre-op assessment today.
>There seemed to be a lot of confusion about staying on the pump during the
>  procedure. I'd been told it would be OK beforehand and I stuck to my 
> guns! (OK,
>being in the profession might have helped, but I shouldn't have needed to use
>that...)  In the end I opted for the local anaesthetic option as that seemed
>to confer most benefits (pump rather than IV sliding scale, no need to 
>stay in
>hospital overnight etc).
>I've had plenty of info about the surgery itself but it tends to have been
>  from a medic's rather than a patient's point of view. I'd really 
> appreciate any
>comments or tips from anyone on the list, especially those who've stayed on
>the pump during surgery and those who've had a vitrectomy under general or
>local anaesthetic.
>508 2 yrs +

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