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Re: [IPk] My turn now....dodgy high bgs THAT WON'T COME DOWN!

hi Ingrid
What I would do is try changing the set if things don't come down, and if that 
doesn't work, you might be experiencing what I had. If you bolus and things 
come down, but then they start going up again, it's probably not the site but 
this weird thing. My solution was just to increase the basal by double and 
hey presto, everything was fine. It lasted EXACTLY 3 days for me and then 
everything just came back to normal. I wouldn't have thought leaving your 
insulin out for that short time would be a problem unless you left it 
somewhere mega hot.
Good luck!

On Tuesday 29 Jul 2003 3:35 pm, you wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I changed my site this morning after breakfast and I thought all was
> hunky-dory till lunch time...I tested at 10am and I was a nice 6.6, by two
> hours later I was 14.something and just now I am 19.
> I had the same lunch today as I have most days, and I am thinking that
> maybe my insulin is off.  Would my breakfast bolus that I had at 7am still
> be working 3.5 hours later?  I had my breaky before changing, I know others
> here prefer to change and THEN bolus, but I figure if I get a problem with
> a changed site, at least I will get a good fews hours from the last bolus
> from my old working site.
> I left my insulin out of the fridge for a day and a half, would that be
> long enough for it to have gone off?  I think in future I will just warm it
> up under my armpit for half an hour or so, I haven't had any problems doing
> it that way.
> I'll test again in 3 hours and see what happens, might have to change the
> set, WHAT A WASTE!!!!!!
> Ciario,
> Ingrid
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