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[IPk] My turn now....dodgy high bgs THAT WON'T COME DOWN!

Hi guys,

I changed my site this morning after breakfast and I thought all was 
hunky-dory till lunch time...I tested at 10am and I was a nice 6.6, by two 
hours later I was 14.something and just now I am 19.

I had the same lunch today as I have most days, and I am thinking that maybe 
my insulin is off.  Would my breakfast bolus that I had at 7am still be 
working 3.5 hours later?  I had my breaky before changing, I know others 
here prefer to change and THEN bolus, but I figure if I get a problem with a 
changed site, at least I will get a good fews hours from the last bolus from 
my old working site.

I left my insulin out of the fridge for a day and a half, would that be long 
enough for it to have gone off?  I think in future I will just warm it up 
under my armpit for half an hour or so, I haven't had any problems doing it 
that way.

I'll test again in 3 hours and see what happens, might have to change the 
set, WHAT A WASTE!!!!!!



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