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Re: [IPk] Various notes

On Monday, July 28, 2003, at 06:53  pm, email @ redacted wrote:

> I just want to reply to your comment about flying with Easyjet and your
>  recommendation to tell them that you have diabetes. I just returned 
> from Italy
> with
> Easyjet and I never revealed anything to them about my diabetes, pump 
> or any
> of my supplies. I went through check-in and security without any 
> questions
> asked. Flying out, my pump was not even noticed, though on the return 
> check-in
>  flight, it was noticed but with a simple explanation to securty, I 
> passed right
> through.

I had a similar experience flying to America on United Airlines in May 
(my first trip abroad with diabetes).  I had a letter from my GP saying 
I needed to carry needles, but nobody ever asked to see it.  My case 
was searched at Heathrow and they saw my Sharpak, but did not comment.  
I ignored the signs about no sharps in hand luggage and just took my 
needles on board.  Nobody seemed to care.  And to be honest, it would 
be quite hard to perform any kind of terrorist activity with an 8mm 

I told one of the cabin crew I was diabetic and asked him to tell me 
half an hour before lunch so I could take my Actrapid.  He did, but 
then he didn't warn me before the second meal (which I didn't know was 
coming - I had planned to eat my second lunch in Chicago between 
flights, but it turned out that I didn't have time, so lucky they did 
serve that second meal).  So I had to go and take more Actrapid and 
then sit in front of the food until the insulin started working.

I suppose they must get used to people carrying needles.  Really there 
would have been no need for them to make a fuss.

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