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Re: [IPk] Various notes

We are going to France next week (BA...hhmm!!) and have a letter from
Charlie's consultant if needed. But I am far more concerned about his
forthcoming tour to America and the 6 internal flights - though perhaps it
will be very obvious that he is on a choir tour.

On another matter, we have just had our first encounter with DKA - very
bad - neurological obs very worrying - heart monitors etc and no reaction to
torch shone in eyes for several hours - very frightening for all - except of
course Charlie who remembers nothing. Since leaving hospital he has had a
few episodes where his vision has 'gone' and he has nearly passed out. It
was a steep learning curve and I now feel so stupid that the whole thing
happened - isn't hindsight wonderful?

mother of Charlie aged 11 pumping since October 2002 and very well until

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> Ian
> I just want to reply to your comment about flying with Easyjet and your
>  recommendation to tell them that you have diabetes. I just returned from
> with
> Easyjet and I never revealed anything to them about my diabetes, pump or
> of my supplies. I went through check-in and security without any questions
> asked. Flying out, my pump was not even noticed, though on the return
>  flight, it was noticed but with a simple explanation to securty, I passed
> through.
> Ken
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