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Re: [IPk] Cholesterol levels

Hi Helen It's Carmel. As a victim of all these secondary complications of 
type 1, I can sympathise, I felt the same when I was initially told that all 
my bloods, BP  etc were fine and subsequently told that I needed to start 
Statins- cholesterol lowering drugs. There have been a lot of  results 
generated from the UKPDS trials as well as the DCCT which surprisingly 
relate to both type 1 and 2 which confirm that lowering of cholesterol in 
both types as well as BP as significant factors in reducing coronary heart 
disease and stroke in both types. I always felt that as a type 1- I was not 
at risk of the latter but unfortunately I now know different my cholesterol 
before I started the drugs was 5.4 and is now 3.3 and I was following a low 
fat diet anyway. I have suffered no side effects as you take them at night 
anyway. Yes I may have a few more years of DM on you but I still was 
oblivious to the significance of all the other bloods bearing in mind that 
my DM control is the best it has ever been and still not perfect. All the 
best Carmel who is now improving greatly and can drive and walk further by 
the day
Type 1 44 years minimed 508 since December 2000
PS a bit behind with list as my computer is poorly!

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>Subject: [IPk] Cholesterol levels
>Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 12:35:09 EDT
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>Just one more query before I go away...
>Had a phone call yesterday from the practice nurse at my GP's surgery. In 
>past I have only ever had cholesterol tests at my GP's, despite having type 
>for 28yrs. The hospital clinic said that as I am under 40, with low BP, not
>  overweight, there is little need. My last cholesterol was something like 
>5.1 in
>August last year. I asked in the GP's when it was due again and they said
>it's done yearly. I was told by both the GP, the DSN and the consultant, 
>  this last result was really good as it the good cholsterol was very high 
>'bad' extremely low. In fact, the consultant said he would kill for a 
>like that! It's always been that way.
>Now, the practice nurse gave me a right ear-bashing yesterday! She said I 
>supposed to have it done six monthly and it had to be under 5. I have to 
>it done again asap. And it has to be lower than 5 (a good bit lower,
>  preferably 4.5 or less) or I will have to start taking cholesterol 
>drugs. I
>already take goodness knows how many pills a day. I can do without more. 
>she says it's 'new guidelines' for type 1's and they have been told that 
>have to 'meet these targets'.
>I already eat a low fat diet and as I say am not overweight by any stretch 
>the imagination!
>Does anyone know anything about this? Or where I can find these 'new
>  guidelines'? It seems silly as, 'if it aint broke then don't fix it'! I'm 
>drugs must have side effects. Any info appreciated. Thanks.
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