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Re: [IPk] Re; High BG's

Thanks Heather
I've come to the same conclusion that it's just something going on in my body 
and it will sort itself out.
Doubling my basal rate from 0.9 to 2.0 units per hour seems to have solved the 
problem as I woke up with a BG of 6 this morning rather than in the 20s as in 
the last 2 mornings! So that makes me think that it's an insulin resistance 
problem caused by something unknown going on, rather than something to do 
with the insulin or the pump.
Hope things return to normal soon, as I'm off to the US next weekend.
Thanks for the reassurance!

On Friday 25 Jul 2003 8:32 am, you wrote:
> Hi Di,
> I live in Australia - Gold Coast where the winter day weather sits
> comfortably at 22 degrees, and rises to 30 + in the summer.  I take out
> my insulin from the fridge (because I was told not to inject cold insulin
> - something to do with not working properly when cold) probably a day
> before needed, and then that insulin sits in my cupboard in my bedroom
> for the next 2 weeks (I think).  I have had no problems with my insulin
> going off.  I use Novarapid.
> However, about 3 weeks ago, I had raging high BG's.  I seemed to have
> some sort of virus because I was shaking because I felt so cold and had a
> temperature (however tests were OK).  I spent about 4 days in bed, mostly
> sleeping and not really eating, but as I got better my BG's went high.  I
> ended up really upping my basal rate.  I have a disetronic, so could just
> set the pump to increase for however much I needed for however long I
> needed.  At one stage I was giving myself 100% more insulin.  Then for no
> reason, it just started coming down.  This was over a period of about 3
> days, but felt like 3 weeks!!
> I really believe that diabetes, as a disease it just has these "flips",
> and the thing is to not blame ourselves, (which I have been for years),
> but to check everything, (like you've done) and to use the pump as it was
> designed.  The pump isn't going to stop us having these hic-ups, it just
> allows us to control it better.
> I went to the GP, who did a variety of blood tests, found my iron a bit
> down, but really had no suggestions.
> So, carry on.  Don't be discouraged, and there is light at the end of the
> tunnel.  Pump away.
> Regards
> Heather
> IDDM 44 years  disetronic - 3 years.
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