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Re: [IPk] still can't get rid of these high BGs

Hi Mary
My one thought left was to try a different batch of insulin. But sadly 
all four bottles have the same expiry date..
I can't believe that my insulin needs would suddenly double, from being 
completely fine one day to doubling suddenly overnight. I'm seeing what 
happens if I double my basal rate overnight, and if it's still not 
better I'm off to the doctor's in the morning I guess.
I did get my BG down to 4 mmol/l just now, but I think it's on its way 
back up as I had to have some quick carbs to stop me going any lower.
We'll see....
> Hi Di,
> Sorry to hear that things are still going so badly.
 > Seems unlikely that the set or site is at fault if you've changed three times
> and there have been no obvious problems.  ?? possible problem with your 
 > insulin batch - but then you did have an effective reduction when you used
 > fridged insulin, so that doesn't seem likely. It's also odd that you're
> a
> reduction and then bg climbs back up.  Are you getting any ketones?
> Shot in the dark here, but you never know...it has been very hot and humid 
> lately and your basal requirements may have changed.  Would it be worth 
 > resetting them at a higher rate temporarily to see if it makes any
> Best wishes,
> Mary
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