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RE: [IPk] dianette

Right, second visit to GP revealed that Dianette, like other hormonal
contraceptives can alter insulin sensitivity. It does not interact with
insulin itself. Interestingly the computer at the pharmacist also printed
out that there was an interaction with humalog. I had to explain I had had
Dianette before and that my GP had checked it. I don't know if this is a
general UK database that produces prescribing info to GPs and pharmacists,
so just thought I would pass on the result as others on this list may
encounter similar problems.
only spent about 4hours going to and from GP and pharmacist today...

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I went to my GP's this morning to get a repeat prescription of Dianette
(combined oral contraceptive) and saw the practice nurse. She has told me
that I am not allowed to take Dianette because it interacts with humalog.
This is despite the fact the I have taken it with no problems for 3months
(except some adjustment to my basal rates early on). I wondered if anyone
else has been told this. I am suspicious that the interaction mentioned
comes up on the computer as loads of hormonal medications (inc the pill) can
affect insulin sensitivity rather than it being an absolute
contraindication. Anyway, I'm going back this afternoon when hopefully they
will have contacted someone who knows.
DM 7y 508 7m
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