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Re: [IPk] dianette


I've been on Humalog for 5 years and for most of that
time have also been taking Dianette. Nobody at either
the GP or at either of the hospitals I've been under
has mentioned a problem with this. 

I was given Dianette to treat Polycystic Ovaries - I
don't know whether other pills could do the job as
well? If anybody could tell me I'd love to know. 

This could explain why my blood sugars are always so

I'd be very interested to hear what your GP says when
you go back. 


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> Hi,
> I went to my GP's this morning to get a repeat
> prescription of Dianette
> (combined oral contraceptive) and saw the practice
> nurse. She has told me
> that I am not allowed to take Dianette because it
> interacts with humalog.
> This is despite the fact the I have taken it with no
> problems for 3months
> (except some adjustment to my basal rates early on).
> I wondered if anyone
> else has been told this. I am suspicious that the
> interaction mentioned
> comes up on the computer as loads of hormonal
> medications (inc the pill) can
> affect insulin sensitivity rather than it being an
> absolute
> contraindication. Anyway, I'm going back this
> afternoon when hopefully they
> will have contacted someone who knows.
> Sarah
> DM 7y 508 7m
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