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Re: [IPk] insulin and hot weather

Hi folks
Well I discovered last night that something else is going on apart from the 
insulin. I refilled with new insulin from the fridge and everything seemed OK 
last night. Then I woke up at 4am, tested and found I was back to 18 mmol/l. 
Took 6 units Humalog, woke up at 6.30am, 16 mmol/l still.
Changed the set again (the old one looked fine when I took it out, and it was 
less than a day old), took another 5 units of insulin and waited. By 11am it 
had come down to 11 mmol/l. Took another 1.5 units and it came down to 10 
mmol/l by 12.30. Not sure now if the problem is still there or if it's just 
taking a long time to come down after being high for so long.
I guess this afternoon will tell.
Running out of things to try now. I can't believe 3 sets in a row can be bad, 
and the insulin is well in date and fresh from the fridge. No pump alarms, 
insulin is coming out of the needle properly....
No infections, stress, unusual medications etc.

> Hi Di, Bev and all,
> Yes, same here too.  And not only with insulin kept out in the hot weather
> (I probably shouldn't have - the thermometer in the shaded dining room,
> coolest room in the house and where it's kept once out of fridge,
> registered 27 deg C...) but also with the insulin in my pump system.  I
> started getting constant highs which weren't coming down with huge insulin
> boluses, when I'd only changed site/reservoir etc 36 hours previously, but
> it had been very hot at work
> (over 30 deg C recorded).  No problems with the site etc so when I got home
> I filled the reservoir and flushed the tubing through with insulin from the
> fridge
> and things went back to normal.  I've only been using fridged insulin since
> and all's well apart from bubbles!
> I was moaning about this to a friend and she suggested a mini-coolbag for
>  carrying the pump - apparently such items exist designed for
> sports/runners etc to keep drinks cool and which are about the right size
> for a pump, soft and clip-on. Seems a good idea, can't find any though in
> the shops, any thoughts?
> Mary
> 508 2 yrs+
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