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Re: [IPk] dianette


a couple of years my GP-of-the-time warned me of the dangers of those with 
DM taking the oral contraceptive pill, not because of any interaction with 
insulin (I was on humalog then as now) but because of increased risks of 
other complications (I think for instance blood clots?).  I stuck with my 
pill (UK equivalent of Triphasil that I can't remember the name of) until 
only about 18 months ago with no problems.  I eventually went onto a single 
dose pill (Micronor I think), which is the same as a combined pill but you 
do have to be more regimented about taking it at the same time every day.

I hope someone-in-the-know can give you the low down soon....


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>Subject: [IPk] dianette
>Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 10:13:47 +0100
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>I went to my GP's this morning to get a repeat prescription of Dianette
>(combined oral contraceptive) and saw the practice nurse. She has told me
>that I am not allowed to take Dianette because it interacts with humalog.
>This is despite the fact the I have taken it with no problems for 3months
>(except some adjustment to my basal rates early on). I wondered if anyone
>else has been told this. I am suspicious that the interaction mentioned
>comes up on the computer as loads of hormonal medications (inc the pill) 
>affect insulin sensitivity rather than it being an absolute
>contraindication. Anyway, I'm going back this afternoon when hopefully they
>will have contacted someone who knows.
>DM 7y 508 7m
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