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RE: [IPk] insulin and hot weather

FRIO make some specially designed cooling devices for insulin. You soak them
in water and as the water evaporates over a couple of days it keeps the
insulin cool. They do one specifically for pumps. The down side is that they
make the pump much bigger, but can still be put on a belt. I also have a
suspicion that they may fit the Disetronic pump better then the Minimed 508,
but would probably work for either (I've got the Minimed one). I use an old
FRIO pack from my MDI days to keep vials in. I was in Spain a couple of
weeks ago, where temperature were 42deg C and had no probs whatsoever with
insulin going off.
DM 7y, 508 7m

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> Has anyone had problems with their Humalog going off in this hot weather?
> I normally keep the whole bottle I'm currently using our of the fridge
> once I open it. I use it easily within a month.
> A few weeks ago I had some constant and unexplained highs (like 22
> mmol/l). I changed the set, no difference. Finally changed the set again
> and the insulin BOTTLE to a new one, and everything was fine. Wondered
> if it was 2 dodgy sites in a row, or the insulin.
Hi Di, Bev and all,

Yes, same here too.  And not only with insulin kept out in the hot weather
probably shouldn't have - the thermometer in the shaded dining room, coolest
room in the house and where it's kept once out of fridge, registered 27 deg
C...) but also with the insulin in my pump system.  I started getting
highs which weren't coming down with huge insulin boluses, when I'd only
 changed site/reservoir etc 36 hours previously, but it had been very hot at
(over 30 deg C recorded).  No problems with the site etc so when I got home
 filled the reservoir and flushed the tubing through with insulin from the
and things went back to normal.  I've only been using fridged insulin since
and all's well apart from bubbles!

I was moaning about this to a friend and she suggested a mini-coolbag for
 carrying the pump - apparently such items exist designed for sports/runners
to keep drinks cool and which are about the right size for a pump, soft and
clip-on. Seems a good idea, can't find any though in the shops, any


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