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[IPk] insulin and hot weather

Hi folks
Has anyone had problems with their Humalog going off in this hot weather?
I normally keep the whole bottle I'm currently using our of the fridge 
once I open it. I use it easily within a month.
A few weeks ago I had some constant and unexplained highs (like 22 
mmol/l). I changed the set, no difference. Finally changed the set again 
and the insulin BOTTLE to a new one, and everything was fine. Wondered 
if it was 2 dodgy sites in a row, or the insulin.

Same thing has happened today. Went to bed with BG of 6. Woke up with a 
BG of 18. Thought it was the set because it had been in for 3 days, so 
changed the set, bolused about 6 units, it came down and I thought all 
was well. But by lunchtime it had gone up again to 22. Sometimes a new 
set does that, so I bolused 6 units and it came down. But by 3pm it had 
shot up to 22 again. So now I suspect the insulin bottle and have just 
refilled from a new one from the fridge.

I leave the insulin in my bedroom normally, and it doesn't get the sun 
on it or anything, but it has been quite warm recently. I wonder if the 
insulin has been going off after a couple of weeks. I use less insulin 
when it's hot, so maybe the bottle's lasted a bit longer.

Anyone else had this experience?
PS Bizarrely, my first indication today that my BG was high was the fact 
that my legs refused to work when I got up from the office to go to the 
loo. I almost fell over as they would barely support my weight. Didn't 
feel dehydrated or any of the usual high BG symptoms.
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