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RE: [IPk] Constant basal requirement?

I certainly used to change my insulatard quite frequently, but I'm not sure
if it is the right thing to do!

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On Tuesday, July 22, 2003, at 07:44  pm, Sarah wrote:

> How did split dose insulatard work? My diabetes centre originally had
> this
> and not lantus as a requirement for doing the DAFNE course on the
> basis that
> it offered more flexibility becuase you can alter the doses of the
> morning
> and night insulatard.

Is this common?  My DSN has told me not to alter my Insulatard dose
more often than every three days, with the result that I don't alter it
at all unless I think it needs changing permanently.  This is a pain
because I quite often need extra insulin for a couple of days - before
my period and at other times, sometimes for no reason that I can see.
So I just increase my other insulins and that covers my extra need for
most of the day - for the night, I omit my bedtime snack.  However, I'm
finding that with the Novorapid it doesn't work so well - if I take
more than I need for the food, I go hypo later in the evening and am
still high at bedtime.  If I don't take extra, I'm just high.  And even
though I skipped the snack, I'm still high in the mornings - if I do
eat the snack, I'm even higher.  So it would be really helpful to be
able to change my basal insulin temporarily.


(b. 1977, dx. 2002, Actrapid x 2, Novorapid, Insulatard)
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