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Re: [IPk] MM508 -v- Paradigm

Hi Sarah

Thanks for the suggestions.  Having just returned from a 4 day break with
the family and having had to sit and watch the children in the pool for 5
hours on Saturday I'm feeling even more fed up!  Seriously though that was
more to do with the fact that I'd had a really bad hypo needing Glucagon
about 8am Saturday morning.  When I eventually came round all I could hear
was the children crying because I'd frightened them so much.  Have no idea
what caused it - only had 2 very weak alcoholic drinks all evening and BG
was 6.9 before bed.  I have a suspicion that maybe it was the after effects
of a stressful 4 hour drive (I do all the driving) after work combined with
a muggy night.  One thing I have noticed is that when on long drives I do
have to check my BG at least every hour as they seem to drop quite
dramatically.  anyway it's a lot easier this year with the pump than last
year.  I've got 2 more long drives to do next month - one from London to
Dorset and another to the Isle of Wight and leaving in the early hours of
the morning is going to be a piece of cake!

Sarah - have you asked Minimed if they are prepared to switch over pumps, or
what the cost would be to switch?  The one problem I have when swimming is
that I'm fine all the time I'm actually swimming but when just messing
around with the children and not using lots of energy I start to rise quite
quickly, which also happens afterwards.

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