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RE: [IPk] Constant basal requirement?

Hi Jos

 It does seem like a very similar pattern and I am pretty sure that Sasha isn't
going into puberty. A lot
 of her clothes are for children aged 7 to 8 years and she is only just 9 years
old and small for her age.
 It is certainly worrying if you are still getting the lows at night and then
the high levels later. We
 haven't seen any good levels in the morning at all. Of course with us it might
be because we give the
 Lantus in the morning and it wearing off by then, but that is not the case with
Emily. We have had such
 high levels all day, most readings are over 12 mmols. What worries me is that
when we were giving 12
 units of Lantus Sasha really drops in the morning between breakfast and lunch
even though two hours
 after breakfast her levels are fine. If this is always happening I suppose we
can give a snack but I
 don't know if we would be able to delay or miss a meal out and keep steady
levels. Which defeats the
whole purpose of using Lantus.

What happens when Emily skips a meal?

 It must be very frustrating for you at the moment, especially with Robert to
think about also.


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> On 22 Jul 2003 at 10:41, Jackie Jacombs wrote:
> > We give the Lantus in the morning.  I am worried that if we
> > increase the Lantus that Sasha would go too low in the early
> > hours.  I think these are similar figures to those you got
> > with Emily. Though this was a good day getting only 8.8
> > mmols at 10.30 as we have had  more days when she is more
> > like 12 mmols at 11.00 pm!
> Hi Jackie,
> It does sound as though we are having similar problems.
> Emily has been using Glargine for over 6 months now and we
> don't seem any closer to good control. Taking the last 14
> days, Emily's average bedtime BG is 5.4, sleep is 9.0
> (ranging from 2.8 to15.8), pre-breakfast is 13.7 and pre-
> lunch is 7.6.
> Running BG's relatively high overnight still hasn't
> prevented hypo's at night (2 readings of 3.3 or below over
> the last 14 days). Looking back before we started Glargine,
> the morning BG's were better at around 10 with similar hypo
> levels so it doesn't look as though Glargine is the answer
> for Emily. It could well be the onset of puberty that's
> making matters worse though!
> Hope things improve soon.
> Bws,
> Jos
> --
> Mum to Emily aged 11, dx Oct '99
> Novorapid x 4, Glargine x 1 - pump requested,
> Robert aged 12 dx Mar '03
> Novomix 30 x 2 (+ Novorapid when hungry!),
> and Matthew aged 7.
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