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[IPk] RE: Eye clinic problems

Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement.

 Julian - it's not intended to be a letter of complaint, just a plea to my GP to
be willing to refer me outside our PCT's area. I wouldn't want it to be sent to
the team concerned. Can you imagine what kind of treatment I'd receive then! It
shouldn't be that way, but I think the medical ego is even more delicate than
the male ego!! (With apologies etc etc). Also, I'm not looking to speed anything
up at the clinic, anymore - I just want out. Incidentally, my (male) GP is aware
of these goings on, as I moaned to him about it all shortly after it happened.
He is, fortunately, very supportive of pumping.

As Jackie said, I need to relate the detail or it would be vague.

But I will try and make mention of their duty of care etc.  Cheers

 Pat - you said the DVLA examination is thorough - I know, they wouldn't renew
my licence 2-3 years ago, due to narrowed field of vision following laser
therapy. The consultant suggested I reapply as the guidelines had recently been
relaxed a bit. I considered doing this, but I don't actually want to drive. I
don't have enough confidence in my eyesight (or perhaps that just confidence
full stop...). But I was amazed that the consultant would let me drive without
investigating my reported problems further.

Thanks again everyone - I'm off to rewrite my letter!


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