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Re: [IPk] Combined Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pump

> >Wouldn't it be simpler to pump insulin that works as fast as the
> >insulin non-diabetic people make?  With today's pumps, the insulin
> >needs to last quite a while or you'd have to spread boluses over a much
> >longer period.  But with a closed-loop, continuous feedback system,
> >really fast insulin would be better.  Is there any reason why we can't
> >make it or is there just no demand yet?

There is no difference in "speed" of uptake of any insulin injected 
directly into the blood stream or peritonial cavity. The "speed" of 
uptake has to do with subcutaneous absorbtion and transport of the 
"curly" insulin molecule as it unwinds and is absorbed into the 
body. Fine tuning that has been done to the insulin analogs allows 
this to happen much more rapidly than with regular insulin. If you 
were to take Humalog, Novlog, or any regular insulin IV, you would 
not see any difference at all and the response would be just like 
your pancreas -- except it doesn't make it quite as fast as it can be 
injected :-)

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