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Re: [IPk] Combined Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pump

>Wouldn't it be simpler to pump insulin that works as fast as the
>insulin non-diabetic people make?  With today's pumps, the insulin
>needs to last quite a while or you'd have to spread boluses over a much
>longer period.  But with a closed-loop, continuous feedback system,
>really fast insulin would be better.  Is there any reason why we can't
>make it or is there just no demand yet?

I know MiniMed have something like this. Disetronic too - I'm not sure.
Mooching around the MiniMed site I found this:


I get the impression this is still an "experimental" device. Is it perhaps
not really that much better than infusing it into fat? Not sure.

Disetronic have something called a DiaPort that puts the insulin directly
into the body. Is it the peritonal cavity or the liver? I forget. Trouble
is that an infected infusion site is no longer just a boil - it's a full
liver infection or some such, which can be life threatening. Not nice.

For the moment I'll wait till this Paradigm and external BG meter becomes
available here - and beyond that to the Edmonton Protocol system.


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