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Re: [IPk] Combined Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pump

Earlier today John wrote:

> Gail - I appreciate your anxiety about having your diabetes "computer
> controlled". But don't forget the brakes in your car are probably 
> computer
> controlled. The car reserves the right to ignore or modify your 
> braking if
> it is inappropriate for the speed and road conditions. Scarey really. 
> And
> of course the Docklands Light Railway has no driver on the train! It's 
> all
> computer controlled. Not to mention flying on a plane, where the whole
> thing is computer controlled these days.

I bet all these systems, even the plane, turn out to be simpler to 
model than blood glucose control.  They only have to react to what is 
happening now, not to what they think might happen for the next 4 hours.

Wouldn't it be simpler to pump insulin that works as fast as the 
insulin non-diabetic people make?  With today's pumps, the insulin 
needs to last quite a while or you'd have to spread boluses over a much 
longer period.  But with a closed-loop, continuous feedback system, 
really fast insulin would be better.  Is there any reason why we can't 
make it or is there just no demand yet?

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