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Re: [IPk] Combined Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pump

hi john,why do you think i dont drive?? no seriously of course you are right
 but i have a terrible fear of going badly hypo after it happening when i
was alone with my 20 month old and 2 week old sons, i have never been so
terrified in my entire life, i still remember trying to walk along the hall
way of my flat to the door to alert my neighbour as i was petrified about
what might happen to my little boys , i knew i was going to black out and
fit but couldnt control it , luckily i woke up to the sound of my 20 month
old screaming at me, i had fitted and bitten my tongue , and scratched my
face, it took me 30 mins to remember i had a baby, and an hour to remember
my partner was at work and exactly what had happened, im just glad my body
took over and brought me round again. but i suffered severe depression and
anxiety after this , i have to be in total control now to feel secure and
just wouldnt feel secure if a machine or other person were controling my
sugars, i have never gone hypo since and for the first year after i did
around 20+ blood tests a day!
       love gail type since the age of 6, for 22 years.

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Subject: [IPk] Combined Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pump

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Thanks for that, Melissa. This is the first I'd heard of an automated pump
arriving on the market. When the MiniMed 508 first came out with its remote
control, my first thoughts were, ah, they will use that soon so a BG meter
can remotely "control" the pump. In fact, they've built the link into the
next pump, the Paradigm. I found a news release about this on the MiniMed
site at

- "New 'Intelligent' Insulin Pump and Glucose Monitor System Automatically
Calculates Complex Diabetes Math - Recommends Insulin Dosage to Help
Improve Patients' Health"

Pat - I've worked in computer systems for a lot of my life. I assure you
that the programmers at MiniMed will have thought carefully about the valid
issues you raise.

Gail - I appreciate your anxiety about having your diabetes "computer
controlled". But don't forget the brakes in your car are probably computer
controlled. The car reserves the right to ignore or modify your braking if
it is inappropriate for the speed and road conditions. Scarey really. And
of course the Docklands Light Railway has no driver on the train! It's all
computer controlled. Not to mention flying on a plane, where the whole
thing is computer controlled these days.

Anyone know anything about the plans for this pump to be launched in the UK?


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