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[IPk] Various notes

Dear All,
Having been away for a few days (eating Langoustines in Jersey) I got home 
to 5 digests, full of interesting news and notes. Someone complained about 
number of messages - the digest is the easy answer!
1) Flying.
    As someone who flys regularly, I commend Di's words of wisdom - keep 
quiet!! However there is one exception. If you fly Easyjet (who do not fly 
anywhere with OTT security) tell them at check-in. The policy is to 
pre-board diabetics - do not ask me why - which is great for an airline that 
does not allocate seats. So you avoid the free for all fight for seats.
2) Clinics
     Pat is quite right about taking up consultant time. I was at Guys this 
am (Monday) to see Prof John Pickup. Nothing of real excitement from him on 
clinical front. Nurse could have easily dealt with everything.
BUT - he did tell me two interesting things. Firstly, he said that since 
Feb. he has had no requests for pump funding refused by any PCT. Secondly, 
he said the story re the delay to funding due to lack of knowledge in 
Diabetic Clinics re pumps is being widely used as an excuse not to provide 
funding. In view of report today that 75% of all new NHS funding is going on 
increased wage costs and - mostly - the increased employers NIC (ie straight 
back to Gordon Brown) one can see the delays being considerable.
3) Good News (personal!)
    At the clinic today I had my eyes photographed. I first showed up with 
spots about 7 years ago - but nothing too bad or worth taking a laser to. 
Today's picture, compared with 8 months ago, shows that most of the spots 
have disappeared/reabsorbed. I am claiming it is all down to high level of 
control given by pump.

Ian Grant

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