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[IPk] Re: Eye Clinic..Long

Hi Lesley

 It would seem from your letter, that it isn't just my area of the country that
has such problems then..

 It is not a good idea to mention the "competence" of the doctors. Try and blend
positives in with your compliant Better to stick to you are concerned about your
eyesight and would value the opportunity to have your concerns addressed. In
addition, end your letter with words to the effect of : "If my eyesight
deteriorates and I discover that it is due to a failure on the part of the
hospital, consultant or indeed an excessive wait for treatment, then I will take
advice on whether or not a duty of care owed to me by the Health Trust has been

 In constructing your letter, Be very precise about your concerns, without
attempting to justify them at this stage. At this stage your letter is to long
and the reader will loose interest after a couple of paragraphs. Alert them to
the fact you have concerns and ensure that you are aware they owe you a duty of
care. Try to get the reader on your side by been seen as reasonable, whilst
ensuring you make it clear that you expect them to take heed of the fact that
they owe you a duty of care. I would further suggest that you copy the letter
directly to the Eye Clinic and the Hospital Trust. Mention of legal stuff always
puts the pen pushers into a state of panic and despair. I think you will find
that your treatment may be sorted quite quickly and efficiently after the powers
that be have had a word in the doctors ear.

Hope this helps

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