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[IPk] Re: flying, and cholesterol

I also wrote in a panicky email about flying in the US about a month
ago, just before a multi-stage work-related trip, including several
different flights in the US, on different airlines, including USair. On
the reassuring advice of various people, I did not say anything, except
on the two occasions where I was one of those people singled out for
special checks. Knowing that the pump always shows up on those checks
where they wave a wand over you, and that in obviously they would aske
questions about the pump supplies etc if they went through my hand
baggage, I then quickly said, "I have diabetes, I use an insulin pump
(pointing) which is attached to me at all times, and have to carry
supplies for the pump and for my diabetes. They are in my hand baggage
there (pointing to the relevant pocket in my hand baggage." They then
just barely looked at the pump and the box of supplies - and nodded
wisely (apparently not wishing to ask stupid questions about medical
things). Much to my relief, no problems.

As for cholesterol. I was also told about 3 months ago about the new
guidelines for diabetics - also a problem for me despite low values for
the 'bad' cholesterol and for triglycerides, and high values for the
'good' cholesterol. The endocrinologist wanted to prescribe medication
immediately, but not wanting to start taking tablets, I begged for a
reprieve to try out diet very low in cholesterol and saturated fats (as
well as lowish in carbs in an attempt to improve HbA1c, and both low
fat and carb hoping to help me lose some weight). The moment of truth
is now approaching - I did repeat blood tests on Thursday, and am now
waiting for the results.

Good luck with the flying

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