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[IPk] BGs and HbA1c

Hi Pat
I believe there's some evidence that thre HbA1C is skewed in several 
ways. First, it takes more account of more recent readings (last 2-3 
weeks) than preceding ones. Also, remember that meter readings are on 
the spot readings and don't give you an accurate picture of things. For 
example, if you always test 2 hours after a meal and get e.g. a reading 
of 8 mmol/l on average, and you test pre-meals and get an average of 5 
mmol/l, that would suggest your average overall is somewhere between the 
two. But in fact, your true average is probably nearer 5 than 8, because 
you're at the post-meal BG for only a very short period of time every 
day, whereas you're at the pre-meal one for a lot longer. Of course, 
that's a simplistic example, but you get the point.
I certainly can never deduce anything from BG averages, curves, etc from 
my meter, because I test more when I'm high or low than when I'm normal, 
and I test more when I'm high than when I'm low. If I know I'm low, I 
don't need to test. If I know I'm high, I still need to test. And I test 
a lot to see how my BG's coming down, whereas I don't need to test to 
see if my BG's coming up.

> You mention 'up to 15 after meals'.  Someone said here recently that
> metres can give false highs up to 2 hours after a meal.  I too find that
> my hba1c comes out lower than my meter average says it should (by the
> way, just in case you think that a hba1c of, say, 6.8 equates to a meter
> average of 6.8 - it doesn't, the meter average would be 8.0.  A hba1c of
> 12 would have a meter average of 16.7. 
> Best wishes,
> Pat
> (dm 30+, 508 2+)
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