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[IPk] Re Airline requests

HI all
Thanks so much fo all the advice and pointers. You all responded really 
quickly and made me calm down a bit if nothing else!
Anyhow, to a few of the points. I have flown a fair bit here and there, the 
last time was in April 02 to the USA on my own. I know this probably goes back 
years, but I have always carried a Drs letter regarding my insulin supplies, 
etc. When travelling with a family, we also have one as my son takes ritalin, 
which is a controlled drug and you can't take it through the airport with 
 documentation. (The sniffer dogs love it)! I realise that after Sept 11, things
have changed. I am perfectly happy in the increased security surrpounding the 
 airports anf flights as this makes me feel safer! (I'm a nervous flyer)! In the
past, we have had random bag searches but no problems with the diabetes side 
 until my lone trip last year. This has shaken me and made me more anxious about
this trip. My hand luggage was forcibly taken from me then and pushed into the 
hold on a short connecting flight. Not something I want to repeat. But I 
 would not have got onto the flight had I said no! (That was United Airlines,

I see a lot on here tend to not say anything unless asked. I have never felt 
comfortable doing this, espec after Sept 11. I'd rather be up front about 
 things, as this has worked for me in the past. The US airlines website does ask
for all sharps and diabetes medical supplies to be declared on checking in, 
though.  But, it was my husband who told the guy on the desk when he phoned. I 
 wouldn't have done that! This seems to automatically make them turn it all into
big thing! Like you say, it may be forgotton when we reach check-in. (I hope 
so). But again, hubby is saying he will tell them up front, etc. I've said 
 about the advice on here and I will not announce anything unless asked about
Tha does seem to be the best way. And, as far as the handing over my supplies 
issue goes (which, on looking on the web I have found some poorer airlines to 
undevloped countries use this method) I'll use the line of 'on your head be 
it'. As you say, they won't want to be sued! 

Hopefully everything will go off without a hitch! 
Thanks again.
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