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Re: [IPk] URGENT help with weird airline request!

hi helen, i dont know much about these policies they have but have never
even been asked to see my docs letters when flying.
i think this is disgusting and totally unecessary, i dont blame you at all
and would feel exactly the same,i too am very private about it and need to
test and inject frequently when flying. i think you should definately object
to this!surely they can let you have your glucose moniter and insulin you
need for the journey with you.
i hope you can sort this out, and enjoy your trip.
        love gailxxxxxxxxxx

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Subject: [IPk] URGENT help with weird airline request!

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Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
I am flying to the USA on Tuesday with my family, with US Airways, for a 3
week holiday. (Not flown with them before but flown with other airlines).
Hubbie phoned them today as had to confirm flights. Mentioned, as per their
policy, that I was type 1 and that I would have the doctors letter (they
ask for this), everything pharmacy labelled, etc., and was there anything
I needed to do. Response? Lets just say the most ludicrous request I have
ever heard! This was...
Have to tell staff at check-in desk and show letters, labels, etc. (Fair
enough). Then, when boarding (and this is where it gets ridiculous)!, tell
at gate and hand all my insulin, needles, blood testing equipment over to
flight attendants who will 'take care of it and bring it to me so I can use
supervised, when I eat, etc'!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!
I told hubbie (he had phoned from his work) that this was totally
unnaceptable to me. He argued with me and said they had stated this was
policy and
there was not a lot we can do about it, as they are only playing safe! I
that with not having my long acting insulin the night before (to cope with
time difference) I need to test every half hour (this is what I have done in
past) or when i feel 'ill' which I do when flying(!) and inject short acting

a fair bit to keep me level. There is no way I will wait around for the
over-stretched attendants to bring me my equipment and let them stand and
whilst I do this, either! I am a very private person and have never liked
looking on while I inject, test, etc. That's the way I am. It unnerves me!
Plus, 3 weeks supply of needles, pens, prefilled pens, lancets, etc., is a
Anyhow, wondered if anyone has ever had this before. I've certainly never
heard of it! Hubbie is getting mad with me saying I would ruin the holiday
if I
complained! But I do see it as an infringement of my basic rights! Any
greatfully received, asap!.
helen...already stressed to death with this holiday, and worse now!
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